What Our Clients Say

Jamie Collingwood

Erik is the man when it comes to getting performance out of your modern HEMI. I wanted a little more out of my hellcat at the strip while being safe and he hooked me up with a lower pulley, 3:09 rear and a pump gas tune. I was hoping to be in the 10.5s and he delivered. I ran a 10.45 this weekend, ON PUMP GAS! I have over 50 runs since he worked his magic and it’s been rock solid with 0 issues.
His knowledge of the modern HEMI is second to none and beyond that he is a hard-working guy and I loved spending time with him and learning some things along the way. I have a few more things planned and would not trust my car with anyone else!

Tyler Gania

Best in the business!! if you are looking for top quality work and performance for your Mopar this is definitely the place to go! Thanks again Erik. I am beyond grateful for all the work you have done for me and my jeep!

Eric Root

If you have a 3rd gen Hemi, go to Erik, he has the knowledge, experience and, personality to help you get to your desired results. My project was a bit lengthy due to unseen issues but thanks to Mr. Storms everything went quite smoothly. I was always aware of what was going on and if I had any questions I was fully at comfort to ask and I received excellent information when I did. I’m well informed and quite happy with the results of this build and experience.

John Burleson

Simply the best HEMI shop in the country, hands down. Fast with an attention to detail that will amaze you. Straight forward, no B.S., and knowledgeable. Follow their advice to get the most out of your modern Mopar.

Erik helped me plan my dream build, and informed me of any potential issues I might encounter, other options, pros and cons of each. We put my entire car together and then I drove this monster build all the to Florida, raced it at a two day event, beat a Hellcat on the shakedown pass, took third in my class, and then drove it all the way back up to North Carolina!

You will not find a more common sense, straightforward, honest approach to performance anywhere. I don’t trust anyone with the “BadWagon”, but I trust Erik and BFNY completely. Thank you so much!!

Patrick Walker

Ordered some 6.1 ported heads from Erik and received them within a week, outstanding delivery time. His prices and knowledge is second to none and I do my homework when it comes to my chargers. The bump in power it gave my SRT Charger was perfect, car already had a cam and exhaust plus the 3.55 Getrag Erik custom built for me. BFNY is my only go to for parts and work. The attention to quality and craftsmanship is top notch, do yourself, better yet, do your car the favor and let BFNY make it badass.

Kyle Fisher

I wouldn’t let anybody else touch my modern Mopar other than BFNY Performance. They call Erik the Hemi Jesus for a reason. He installed a Vortech blower on my Jeep SRT8 as well as a dyno tune and I couldn’t be more happy…. and I’m certainly not done as I have plans for more, so there will be more visits to BFNY in the future. Rest assured that your vehicle is in great hands at BFNY. Not only does Erik have an insane amount of knowledge of the platform, but he also has the two most important traits in my book when considering a speed shop…

#1 – Honesty – he tells it how it is. If he can save you some here or there, or if it’s better to go with a different part here or there, he will tell you. Many other shops will just try to see how much money they can get out of you with stuff you really don’t need.

And #2 – Integrity – he does it the right way the first time. No shortcuts, no BS. A lot of shops might cut corners, or just simply not have the experience with the platform to know the in’s and out’s. But BFNY has pounded out so many of the nation’s top modern Mopar’s that any build you can think of is second nature to them. You can sleep well knowing that the job will be done right.

I happily give BFNY my highest recommendation. Regardless of your build plans from small to huge, if you know what your end game plan is, Erik can get you there. 10 stars if I could. BFNY FTW.

Jeremy Blazek

I picked up my 06 300 SRT8 from BFNY Performance this last Saturday 04-02. The install package was heads / cam / headers / underdrive pulley / springs-lifters-forged pushrods-timing chain. Let me start by saying I am beyond particular about who I would ever trust to tear my engine apart as my car is in pristine condition with only 55K original on motor.

Erik and the staff at BFNY were beyond exceptional and the results of the build were terrific. I drove the car 4-1/2 hours home without incident, temp held 180 spot with the JET thermostat, no engine lights ever flagged, and the car was tuned impeccably and ran like a dream. I won’t post any speeds, but I promise you I was not shy about seeing what the car really had after the build out.

You will be hard pressed to find a more skilled mechanic than Erik and more professional organization than BFNY performance. Erik stands behind his work to the last nut and bolt, provided play by play photos as the build progressed that he texted, and always kept me informed whenever I inquired.

I firmly believe he is absolutely ONE OF THE BEST hemi builders in the northern hemisphere, if not on the planet. Erik / BFNY thanks for bringing my girl aka ” Black Magic ” back to life!!! I will post a clip on the interstate that my wife took video of 2nd gear 60 mph downshift to third and on. Thanks!!

Todd Roberts

Top notch work from Erik and Ben. My build was 06 300srt forged 6.1, fuel system, Getrag, blue tops, 2.9L Whipple. Glad to have this shop not far away and knowing your baby is in good hands.

Jim Peyatt

Amazing company to work with. Erik is top notch and one of the few left that actually care about the customer! A+++