BFNY Build Process

BFNY Build Process


Erik Storms has a long history of builds which not only perform, but are reliable. When he decided to open up BFNY and offer his expertise to the modern Mopar community, the demand was overwhelming.

The key to BFNY’s success is Erik’s common sense approach to performance, and can be answered with a few simple questions:

  • How fast do you want to go?

  • How much do you want to spend?

  • What is the simplest way to achieve those goals within your budget?


Sometimes the goal and the budget don’t match up. That’s fine, Erik will tell you honestly what you can, and can’t afford. That’s better than getting deep into a build only to realize it’s gonna cost more than you expected, or isn’t gonna be reliable as a daily driver.

Erik’s reputation for honesty, expertise and efficiency have placed him as one of the most trusted builders in the game. BFNY is built upon that trust, knowledge and love for modern Mopars and the people who drive them.




Defining your overall goals is the first step in the build process. Do you want a show car that is a beast on the streets, a street car that makes occasional passes on the drag strip, or  you regularly drag race and have an ET goal?

Perhaps you have a dedicated drag race car that you want to obtain a specific ET goal, or to dominate in a specific class.

BFNY’s common sense approach, experience and blunt honesty will help you clearly define your goals.

When defining the goal of your build there are some questions which must be answered:

  • What modifications (if any) have already been made to your car?
  • Are you looking for a one stage build or a multi-stage build to get to a higher performance level?
  • Do you have any preferences on brands, power adders or aspiration?




At BFNY we do not believe in cutting corners. However, we don’t believe in wasting money either. BFNY is dedicated to helping our customers meet their performance goals as economically as possible. Understanding what your budget is determines your build plan components and whether your goals can be reached.

BFNY believes in total transparency and honesty. If your budget does not support your goals we will tell you so, and will work with you to get the best performance for your budget.




Based on your goals and budget BFNY will come up with a plan or alternative plans to meet your goals. Our philosophy is to treat your car as if it were our own, applying years of experience, with a common sense, no bs approach to provide you the very best in aftermarket HEMI performance.

We will insure build plans will create a stable platform and enable your long-term goals to reduce or eliminate rework and additional cost in the future. A quote with a parts listing, labor costs anticipated build duration will be provided. Be assured you will never be up-sold or oversold on parts or labor which are unnecessary.




Once you have agreed to a plan and budget, you will be given an appointment to drop off your car at BFNY. Scheduling your appointment will be based on the availability of parts required for your build as well as shop availability.

Once your car is at BFNY you will be provided with regular updates as your build progresses.

Because BFNY does not overbook our shop, you can rest assured that if BFNY takes your car in, we will be working on it. Unlike many shops, BFNY regularly suspense taking on new builds or accepting vehicles when we are at capacity.

Post Build Support

Post Build Support


At BFNY customer satisfaction is our number one concern and we take pride in standing behind our work. Every build is unique and will need to be dialed in, or have a tune tweaked.

Be assured that we will address any post build questions, concerns, or tuning issues that may arise. From track side support at a Modern Street Hemi Shootout event, to tuning adjustments or helping you with maintenance for your build, BFNY will be there.

Gen III HEMI Engine Services

  • HEMI Engine Install/Swaps
  • Custom/Crate HEMI Long Blocks
  • Cam & Head Installs/Spec
  • Short Block Installs/Spec
  • Supercharger Installs
  • Turbo Systems Installs
  • Nitrous Oxide System Installs
  • Resto-Mods

Power Delivery

  • Transmission Upgrades
  • Torque Convertor Upgrades
  • Axle & Rear Differential Upgrades
  • Suspension Systems Upgrades

Supporting Systems

  • Fuel System Upgrades
  • Brake System Upgrades
  • Exhaust System Upgrades

Tuning & Consultation

  • On-Site Dyno Tuning*
  • On-Site Track Tuning*
  • Email Tuning*
  • HEMI Performance Consultation
  • Build Managment

*Using Diablosport Software